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Spotswood Lodge




Now what?

First Steps...Vendors & Lodging!

  1. Think about your GUEST LIST and decide how big a wedding you want to have - every vendor will ask you the size of your wedding.

  2. Consider your TENT size, style, and placement - consult your venue team if you need tips!

  3. Research VENDORS on our Preferred List by visiting their Websites & Instagram Pages.

  4. Based on who fits your vision, pick your top 3 VENDORS in each category focusing first on a PLANNER & CATERER (click on the worksheet below).  These vendors must be chosen from our list.

  5. Send an inquiry to all of your top vendors asking about availability, pricing, etc.

  6. Interview your favorite 2-3 planners and full-service caterers.

  7. Decide what you can afford and hire a caterer and planner.  Some caterers offer planning services, too.  You will need to decide whether you prefer full-service, 1-3 month or day-of planner to book a planner. We highly recommend hiring at least a 3-month planner if that works within your budget.

  8. Decide on LODGING for family & wedding parties. Check out Grelen's Boxwood Villa & Spotswood Lodge for family & wedding party lodging. These homes are also good for getting ready, photos, rehearsal dinners and brunches.

  9. Decide on wedding night LODGING. The 118 makes for a great honeymoon suite.  :)

  10. Decide on LODGING for guests: Orange County, Charlottesville or Culpeper? Call hotels for room blocks.

  11. Hire the rest of your VENDORS including but not limited to florist, photographer, band or DJ, transportation, etc. (planners can help with this).

  12. Research venues for your REHEARSAL DINNER. Grelen's newest venue, The Depot, is a great option. :)  Vendors will need to be hired for this event, too.  Repeat the above steps!  

  13. Decide what other EVENTS you'd like to have on your special weekend like Welcome Drinks or a Goodbye Brunch.


Embrace the power of your vision as the guiding force behind your wedding planning journey. It is the foundation upon which you can explore and discuss style, color options, and every intricate detail with your planner. By nailing down your vision early on, you lay the groundwork for making confident and informed decisions that align perfectly with your unique style and create a cohesive and unforgettable experience.  Get ideas by searching Instagram, Pinterest and the Grelen Inspo Page.


  1. Consider what ATTIRE you want for yourselves and your wedding parties.  The level of formality and the style of your wedding will impact this decision.

  2. Shop for WEDDING DRESS and BRIDESMAIDS dresses (6-9 months out)

  3. Choose a rental company for the GROOM & GROOMSMEN'S suits or tuxes.  National chains work best if individuals live in a variety of locations.


  1. Discuss your vision with your Caterer & Cake Designer and then review their offerings.  Once you have narrowed down your choices, ask about setting up a TASTING with each of them. 

  2. Think about what RENTALS you will need and visit a few rental companies to view their furniture, linens and tableware.  Keep in mind that TENT will need to be reserved early on for the vision to come together!

  3. Decide on a SIGNATURE DRINK(s).


  1. Think about your STYLE for website, invites and printed material for the wedding (menus, bar signs, etc.).  It's nice to keep this look consistent. 

  2. Printed Material can included but is not limited to:

    1. Save the Date Cards​

    2. Invitations

    3. Welcome Sign

    4. Table Placement Sign

    5. Table Numbers

    6. Placement Cards

    7. Menus

    8. Bar Signs

    9. Custom Cocktail Napkins

    10. Ceremony Programs



Here are some of the logistics...

  1. Decide if you want to use a WEDDING WEBSITE.  These sites are very popular because they help to keep all of your wedding information in one place:  save the date, details, registry, etc..  Vendors include but are not limited to Zola, The Knot & Wedding Wire.

  2. Consider who you'd like to have in your WEDDING PARTY and extend invitations.  Look on Pinterest for creative ways to invite your friends.  

  3. Draft GUEST LIST and start collecting addresses, emails and cell phones.  It's handy to create a shared google spreadsheet so all parties can add information.

  4. Start researching locations for your HONEYMOON.  Don't forget to consider what the best areas by season.  

  5. Email or Mail SAVE THE DATE (approx 6 months out)

  6. Mail INVITATIONS (approx 3 months out)

  7. Decide what you want to put on your REGISTRY.  Some couples add "honeymoon funds" onto their wedding websites.  

  8. Setup a TASTING with your caterer and cake designer.

  9. Make a list of FAVORITE SONGS for your DJ or BAND.

  10. Purchase WEDDING BANDS.

  11. Meet with your OFFICIANT to review the ceremony.  You may also want to consider taking pre-marital counseling.

  12. Consider setting up dance classes to practice your FIRST DANCE!

  13. Finalize PRINTED MATERIAL and have it printed.  You might want to hire a graphic designer for this or work with a paper company.  Your planner can help you navigate this.

  14. Make sure to add VENDOR MEALS to your catering order.

  15. Walk thru your "SHOT LIST" with your planner and photographer.

  16. Visit the Circuit Court office to get your MARRIAGE LICENSE.

  17. Confirm that your Caterer has secured an ABC License

  18. Submit your Day of Event Insurance (COI) to your venue team!



Elevate your guests' experience and show your appreciation with thoughtful wedding favors and welcome bags. These personalized gestures are a delightful way to express your gratitude and create a memorable impression from the moment your guests arrive. Whether it's a small token of appreciation or a curated collection of locally sourced goodies, wedding favors and welcome bags add a special touch to the wedding weekend. From useful items that reflect your theme to personalized notes that convey your heartfelt thanks, these details left in hotel rooms provide a warm and inviting welcome, making guests feel cherished and part of the celebration.



Finalize these Decisions...

 In the last month, there are a number of items that need to be finalized.  Many of these questions will be addressed at your final Walk Thru with the Grelen Events Team.  It's best to have your planner and a representative from your Catering Company at this meeting.   

  1. Day/Time of Rehearsal

  2. Day of Timeline (including Vendor Schedules & Transportation)

  3. Ceremony Location

  4. Cocktail Hour Location

  5. Tent Design 

  6. Seating Chart

  7. Shot list

  8. Food/Beverages for Wedding Parties Getting Ready

And Don't Forget to...

  1. Make spa, hair and nail appointments

  2. Get Marriage License

  3. Secure ABC License (Caterer)

  4. Submit your Day of Event Insurance (COI) to your venue team!

  5. Pick-up rings

  6. Pick-up Gown & Suits/Tuxes

  7. Print Ceremony Program + all Printed Material

  8. Write Vows

  9. Finalize playlist

  10. Choose Grelen Plant Material (week of wedding?)

  11. Break-in Wedding Shoes

  12. Assemble favors & welcome bags

  13. Confirm Wedding Party knows arrival times

  14. Organize tip envelopes for vendors

  15. Doublecheck outfit details like shape ware, shoes and jewelry.

  16. Pack beauty essentials and "emergency" bridal kit

  17. Pack bags for wedding night and honeymoon


  1. Stay Hydrated & don't drink excess amounts of alcohol.  

  2. Relax

  3. Have fun!

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